Don't wait until it's too late...

"Take control of your brain's destiny

so you avoid going down the path that leads to dementia and Alzhemier's..."

Don't wait until it's too late...

It's True!  You Can Avoid Going Down The Path That Leads To Dementia And Alzhemier's"

(Take Control Of Your Brain's Destiny Today...)

It's True!  You Can Avoid Developing Brain Disease Like Your Relatives, Here's How...

(Take Control Of Your Brain's Destiny Today)

It's True!  You Can take Control Of Your Brain's Destiny, Here's How...


Do you or a loved one suffer from any of the following?

  • Dementia
  • Depression
  • Alzheimer's
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD
  • ​Memory Issues
  • ​Lack of Concentration

If you answered "YES" to any of the above then this is the book for you!

From The Desk of: Dr. Kelly Shockley
Re: Brain Health

Hi, I’m Dr. Kelly Shockley and I am Doctor Of Chiropractic / Doctor Of Cause who has helped thousands of people over the last 14 years to get out of pain and become healthier.

I'm here to tell you the TRUTH you need to know about brain health!

In fact, here's the biggest problem you face right now.

It's believing your poor memory, focus and concentration is just part of getting older or is the result of your family genetics.
But that's not the end of the problem. It actually gets worse! Why?

Because you feel that no matter what you do, there is no solution!

Which means you just give into the fact that poor brain health is just part of your life.

And, worst of all, most brain health sufferers are stuck believing that taking medications with dangerous side effects is the only way to help slow cognitive decline.
But Luckily for You There's Now A Solution to Your Problem!! 
But before we get into that, let me share my story

I was a sick teenager, on 6 medications, playing competitive softball, flipping days of school because of such severe headaches. My parents took me everywhere trying to get help. After all, I was only 14 and on 6 medications? It was a doctor of chiropractic that did alternative therapies that finally healed me. After spending a week with him, I came home on no medications. I spent the next couple of years rebuilding my gut from what all the medications had done to me.

I had always wanted to become a doctor. Now I knew what kind of doctor I wanted to be. I doctor of chiropractic/doctor of cause who could deliver natural healthcare to her patients. After this experience I stayed healthy for the next 17 years.

During that 17 years I had the experience of watching both grandparents on my dad's side have life changing events happen to them that was devastating to me. These were two people who had always been so healthy and full of life. grandpa had a massive stroke at the age of 65, six months shy of their retirement. He lived in a nursing home the next 10 years, a prisoner in a body that didn't work.

The stress of this event took a life changing turn for my grandma who went from looking impeccable every day of her life, was very involved in all kinds of clubs and church, had an acre garden, loved to play games, very competitive, knew everything about her 5 kids and 15 grand-kids, had made 100 quilts and so happy to................

Lost her zest for living, visited the nursing home every day to see grandpa, developed high blood pressure, heart problems, and diabetes, and was on at least 8 medications to not remembering names, dates, what she did last week, more anxious, less tolerant, forgot how to sew and eventually forgot how to cook and take care of herself to ending up in a nursing home.

She no longer wore make-up, jewelry, fixed her hair, dressed to the tee, but the most heart breaking part of all..............SHE NO LONGER KNEW WHO WE WERE.
Then I became a pregnant doctor trying to continue to deliver the high level of care to my patients as I gave them prior to being pregnant.

The thing is, at the time my short-term memory was being affected and I was not being able to communicate clearly with my patients.

The big problem was that I couldn't remember any of my new patients and the reason why they had come into see me for a followup visit even just one week later. Thank God I take detailed notes! I felt like I appeared to be incompetent even though I wasn't, which made me feel like my patients level of confidence in me was not as high as it could be. It was very embarrassing!
Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...
With all that I had experienced in my life, including a couple of concussions, I knew I had to figure what was the cause and how could I help restore health. I dove deeper into clinical nutrition learning more about how cleaning up my lifestyle, diet and nutrition even more than it already was would give me back my ability to remember and communicate clearly!

Almost instantly, my memory and ability to communicate intelligently returned again by just making a few minor adjustments to my lifestyle. As a result, I was able to carry myself with more confidence and no longer felt embarrassed or concerned about how my patients were perceiving me.
I was so excited about getting my life back, I had to share what I had personally experienced with all of my patients immediately because so many of them had shared they were suffering from memory issues as well.

So, I started telling all of my patients what I had learned during their appointments. But I didn’t stop there.
I knew I needed an objective way to measure, track and optimize my patient's brain health so I added more specific testing in my office to evaluate my patient's level of brain health which allowed me to create custom treatment programs specific to their needs.
After that, not only were patient's symptoms resolving but their labs were improving dramatically as well
In the end, health breaks down because of the choices people make on a daily basis. People have so much power and control over their health outcomes, they just need the right information and the ability to test if what they're doing is working for them.

Building on that success, I decided to write a beginner's guide book to help as many people as I can throughout the United States and across the world be able to improve their brain health.

I call it “A Beginner's Guide to Brain Health - How to naturally prevent and slow the progression of memory loss and focus”.

With A Beginner's Guide to Brain Health -- I can now share with people outside of my clinic the simple lifestyle strategies needed to get them back on the healthy path and off of the dwindling spiral so many are on unknowingly so that they too can have improved memory, focus and concentration as well!

Oh by the way, because of what I shared in the e-book, I was also able to recover quicker from my concussions.

So, if you or a loved on is suffering from dementia, depression, Alzheimer's, anxiety, ADHD, memory issues, lack of concentration or any other brain issues then this is a must have e-book for you to take back control of your brain's destiny...
"A Beginner's Guide to Brain Health
How to naturally prevent and slow the progression of memory loss and focus"
  • Improve Your Memory, Focus & Concentration: Stop the stress of having to write everything down so you can be free to live instead of being held hostage by your lists...
  • Reduce The Effects Of Anxiety, Depression And Stress: Experience more joy, confidence and zest for life so you can enjoy your time with family and friends instead of feeling stuck, paralyzed, and motionless in bed...
  • Discover How Your Family's Genetics Don't Have To Be Your Future Outcome: Breathe a sigh of relief about your future when you realize you won't have to spend your life's savings paying to try and get your health back (or end up in a nursing home as a burden to your family)...
  • Learn The Right Food Choices To Make: Properly fueling your mind and brain daily helps you reverse any damage done (knowingly or unknowingly) to your brain so you can improve your overall health with each bite you take...
  • Discover How Stress Is Literally Destroying Your Mental Health: Implement proven strategies to combat the negative impact stress has on your brain health so you can make yourself invincible to stress (and avoid letting stress knock you out of the game of life like so many others)...
  • ​and much, MUCH more!
And best of all... you'll start seeing results with "A Beginner's Guide to Brain Health" - as soon as you start implementing what you have learned and it costs you far less than what a fancy meal for one would run you.

So again, if you or a loved on is suffering from dementia, depression, Alzheimer's, anxiety, ADHD, memory issues, lack of concentration or any other brain issues, understand this:
  • The sooner you detect a problem the easier it is to fix it...
  • ​Dementia and Alzheimer's are not curable, but they are 100% preventable...
  • ​The best time to regain your health was before you started having symptoms.  The second best time is NOW!  Don't wait until things get worse...
  • ​​Save time and money by starting today...
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If "A Beginner's Guide to Brain Health"  doesn't help you take actionable steps to easily start improving your memory, focus and concentration... if it doesn't teach you that your family's genetics don't have to be your future... or if it fails to improve your overall health so you can live the life you want... we'll refund your money, No Questions Asked! All the risk is squarely on our shoulders. You have nothing to lose and all the success to gain with your brain health results!
Your Brain's Future Depends On It
A Beginner's Guide To Brain Health
Comprehensive E-Book
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Here's to your success with brain health!

Dr. Kelly Shockley

PS - If you or a loved one is suffering from dementia, depression, Alzheimer's, anxiety, ADHD, memory issues, lack of concentration or any other brain issues, or you're sick and tired of believing your poor memory, focus and concentration is just part of getting older or due to your family genetics, then A Beginner's Guide to Brain Health is the solution you've been looking for... let's get started today!
This AUDIO BOOK EXTENDED EDITION makes it easy to listen while you're on the go so you can start implementing the brain health strategies immediately to start improving your memory, focus and concentration as soon as possible.

Plus, this audio is not just a classic reading of exactly what's in the book. It contains special ad lib's from Dr. Kelly of extra awesome applicable information and pearls of wisdom that did not make it into the book.

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